What kind of service do I need before I take my 4wd off road?

In addition to completing a Log Book Service, to ensure our customer kept his Toyota Manufacturer's Warranty, the Negus Auto Services team fixed an electrical problem with an after market air compressor, replaced the air, fuel filter, windscreen wipers blades, a cracked drivebelt, front brake pads, and machined the brake discs to ensure the brakes don't squeel or shudder. We also replaced the main battery which failed the load test with a 4wd specific Bosch car battery and gave our customer a helpful fact sheet and some essential tips on what additional car parts and tools to take on the big trip. 

Owner, Simon Negus enjoyed reminiscing with our customer about the many wonderful memories of having traveled across the Nullabor numerous times in all types of vehicles and towing trailers.  For this Toyota Landcruiser service today, the team ensured our customer was well prepared for his 4wd off road family holiday. Before he left we reminded him that we do not only carry out Pre off road 4wd services and repairs, but also offer Post off road service or inspections. It is always a good idea to have the car looked over after such a massive trip. We wished our customer a safe Aussie outback adventure and look forward to hearing some tall tales on his return.