Bosch car, boat and caravan batteries

We sell a large range of quality Bosch batteries suitable for use in your 4WD vehicle, light vehicle, boat, caravan or when camping. Bosch has been involved with automotive batteries since 1927 and has over 100 years of product development and automotive know-how.

FREE battery checks, plus battery replacement (with Bosch car batteries)

We can check your car battery Free of charge and should you require a new one can replace it while you wait. We ask you to call in advance to book a time to pop in for a Free Battery Check on 9240 2996.

Here are some signs your car battery maybe failing:

  • Slow engine crank: When you attempt to start the vehicle, the cranking of the engine is sluggish and takes longer than normal to start, or it doesn’t start at all.
  • One day it starts and the next day it doesn’t.
  • Your check engine light or battery light comes on your dashboard.
  • You have to jump start your battery several times a week.
  • Low battery fluid level.
  • There is swelling, bloating evident around the battery case.
  • Battery leak and general old age.

Bosch Marine and Deep Cycle Batteries -Strong and Dependable

  • The comprehensive Bosch Batteries range includes dedicated High Cycle applications specifically designed for the demands of the marine environment. 
  • They  have been engineered to provide the optimum balance between starting and deep cycling duties.
  • They're also thoroughly insulated to protect against the high frequency vibrations created by rough sea conditions.
  • Bosch High Cycle Marine batteries have superior starting and high cycle power. This means great starting power, whilst still supporting the use of onboard electrical systems without the engine running. 

So before you hit the road for your next 4WD adventure, head out the back of Rottnest to catch a prized Dhuie , or pull up at Ningaloo Station with your caravan, call us on 9240 2996 to make sure you have the right battery backup.