Your safety on the road is important to us!

Our customers' value our advice when it comes to buying a used car. While we do not offer a Pre-Purchase Inspection we do carry out a Vehicle Safety Inspection.  Our inspections typically take around 1.5hrs. 

Please note while we take our utmost care when inspecting a vehicle:

  • our inspection can only describe, or identify defects actually found; or are reasonably able to be found.
  • we 're not responsible, or will not be held responsible for any defects, or faults which may be found later.
  • we are not able to advise on defects or faults if we're unable to see them, or if they're not apparent at the time of the inspection. 
  • our check does not include whether there have been any additives added to the engine oil, cooling system, transmission, differential oils etc which may mask any leaks, or faults. 
  • our inspection is primarily visual in nature. We do not dismantle, or remove any mechanical and/or other vehicle systems, or carry out computer scans. 
  • our inspection does not include a cooling system pressure test/check, if we have no reason to believe there is an issue (based on other related visual and/or manual checks we may have carried out).  
  • our inspection does not include a current draw check or engine compression test. 

However, we're more than happy to carry out any extra checks, or tests our customers' require. These will incur an additional cost.

Remember, old cars, (like we humans as we age), are more likely to show signs of wear and tear and have parts that can fail over time.  It is important to have realistic expectations when buying an older car.  

Alternately, download our helpful DIY Pre-purchase Inspection checklist. This lists all those items for you to check off when looking over a used car.


Vehicle Safety InspectionVehicle Safety Inspection